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02/05/14 Sorry for not updating again,I was busy;Site updates ,leaked windows 8 update!Updated OS downloads.Also I'm on XDA Developer forums @stormdude124
02/15/14 New logos are here! Site updates
02/16/14 Project Sharktooth has been updated see progress @ stormmarket.com
03/25/14 Updates and added downloads to windows 8.1
04/07/14 Basic updates
05/12/14 site updates;Added Ubuntu "Trusty Tahr" download 
06/01/14-09/12/14 Summer Break (can't be a no life xD)
09/13/14 Big changes are coming! We are now FoxSoft
09/14/14 Thinking of building a better mobile version or app for this site.Maybe FoxSoft The app? only on android! 
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10/01/14 Microsoft skipped windows 9 and supprised us with windows 10!

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We moved the windows 8 downloads to windows 8 section here

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FoxSoft Monthly Update:

October 1st, 2014

Microsoft released the windows 10 technical preview! Why windows 10 and not windows 9?

Well its simple: Windows 7 8te windows 9!

anyways go download 

Windows 10 TP Here

log from previous updates here

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