The files I  have here people can use for non-profit use and educational perposes 

Take sometime and enjoy the downloads that simplfy your daily computer needs 

                                   This site is has no viruses 

Size : 1443.168 Kb
Type : zip

Want windows side bar but dont want vista or windows 7? well here is windows side bar for you!!!!!!!!!! 

Some people cant download .rar files but now you can with winrar only for microsoft windows!!!

Windows_Sidebar_NO_VIRUS.rar Windows_Sidebar_NO_VIRUS.rar
Size : 14597.37 Kb
Type : rar

Microsoft virtual pc 2004 have you ever wondered if you wanted a new windows opperating system or you wondered what an old system was like?well if you did this software is for you you can emulate windows systems and see if you want to upgrade download link is here and more info is here to at:
Size : 5.076 Kb
Type : zip

Got windows vista,windows 7,or windows 8? Miss classic 3D pinball that came with older windows releases? well your in luck here's the file here! VVVV 

Pinball.rar Pinball.rar
Size : 1334.493 Kb
Type : rar

Super Mario Flash V3 offline!!! For on the go!!! Includes level editor,and story mode just like the online version at Just open up with your web browser and your good to go

Super Mario Flash.swf Super Mario Flash.swf
Size : 2184.342 Kb
Type : swf

Classic Games Corner Very Good Games Though :)
Size : 600.602 Kb
Type : zip
Pokemon - Yellow Version.gbc Pokemon - Yellow Version.gbc
Size : 1024 Kb
Type : gbc
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.gbc Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.gbc
Size : 1024 Kb
Type : gbc

 Please do not pirate these files they are here for non profit use if you believe something is interfering with piracy please tell us and we will remove it ASAP

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