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 Apparently Google stopped supporting the live chat feature because there were people faking live Tech support...

I at FoxSoft would never fake support, I will never ask for personal information or any thing of that sort.I am just a homeschooled senior high school student with too much free time and on a mission helping people out!!!  :D

please enjoy your self on our site and if you need support check below or contact us  above or by clicking here!

If you would like to volunteer to help people with computer or smartphone problems let me know!!!

I can help you with all sorts of things from flashing firmware and custorm roms on the samsung galaxy s3 or samsung captivate glide, also stuff on windows from windows vista to windows 9 Technical Preview. Why? Because I'm an awesome nerd with free time who is here to help!

please be nice,as I'm trying to help you

I'm always avalible just message and i'll try to be here :)

(This was but is now dissbanded from gmail) This is the guy who can give you cheats walkthroughs, and fix computer problems. I, Stormdude124 say this is the best expert on gaming tips (Not mario, I am.)

Or you could message me here if you want

whats up?

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