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Welcome to time warp!.txt Welcome to time warp!.txt
Size : 11.637 Kb
Type : txt
back to space.txt back to space.txt
Size : 12.046 Kb
Type : txt
super mario bros. world 1-2.txt super mario bros. world 1-2.txt
Size : 0.012 Kb
Type : txt
super mario flash super mario flash
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Type : zip
Super mario.smf2.txt Super mario.smf2.txt
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Type : txt

*1. important! hit the back arrow when you copy the code!!!!!!!!*

this is a classic mario course:world 1-2 under ground no virus you can trust us(R) the file

3. go to the official mario flash site super mario flash

5. click large medium or small 

6. click level editor

7. paste the code

8. there you go. :)

8/19/12:I'm back with a brand new series called Welcome to time warp! This is a new series after The Castle of Noote series. 

please tell me the problems (if any in this course) Its a beta because i built it off my vary first course castle of nootte.The numbers stand for:0003 stands for the 3rd editon of the course;the 4 stands for the month created;

the 6 stands for the date,(saturday); the 16 stands for the day; and the 11 stands for the year.If you build off this course please send me your version (must be in format above)to and if the course is great i will add you to the team of supermario flash builder club (smfbc)

more levels soon!!!

here are some new levels i made you know who i am?!!! this is my site!!!or!!! my

name is actually jared123 i accidently put an extra r in my name by accident!

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