Windows 8.1 download section and wiki

The first signs of windows 8.1 started showing up on 2/21/13 when a pc-beta guy leaked an reported photo of windows 8 build 9289,you can download the  reported wallpaper here.
Next on 3/24/13, an actual leak of windows "blue" build 9364 went live you can download it below vvvvvvvv.
Then another leak went out on 4/1/13 build 9375 simply a winver of it.>>>>>here
 on 4/2/13 an leaked image of system settings went on the web saying its windows 8.1 preview take a look for your self and tell me what you think here>>>>
Some say it will be a simply a service pack and will be free,others say it will be a charged upgrade like apple does.Needless to say it looks like this windows blue is fixing to makes its debut soon.

                           Windows 8.1 "blue"

This build has many improvements over its predecessor windows 8 including:
new personalizaiton options,new apps (alarms [which debut in win8 devpreview but did not make it] Calulator, Sound recorder,and movie moments) pc settings is now more complete with more options so you dont have to go to classic control pannel,and you can now resize any 3 snapped apps to any size.

product key: apparently it uses windows 8 RP: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF 
 Windows 8.1 pro/core/enterprise preview

The preview of windows 8.1 will release on June 26,2013-I will post links when available
Here are the links: x86,x64 Windows store update 
                                                                            Product Key-NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F

                                                            Windows 8.1 FAQ
These Builds will expire January 14,2013 (by then you should have the Free RTM Update)
Windows 8.1 pro/core/enterprise RTM Update

This update will include the following:-Blue will be free upgrade for W8 license owners
-It will be available through Windows Store

Additional info from MS staff:

-Boot to desktop will be supported
-There will be no start button or Aero transparency 
-Technet ISOs will be updated for Blue RTM build when it will be available
-MS will update theme engine to avoid UxStyleCore solution
Windows 8.1RTM build 9600

Windows 8.1 Windows Blue 2014 GDR 140114-0237 
an update to improve windows 8.1
so far x64 downloads only
Windows 8.1 Update 1 "Windows 8.1 Spring Update (feature pack)
an update to "woo" mouse and keyboard users 
adds close maximize and minimize to modern UI apps
also pin and open apps directly from the taskbar 
more info about the update here (youtube video by BAV0@MDL)
To install it directly download and install these updates in order
x86 (32bit):

x64 (64bit):

Either way you should have the new update that makes windows 8.1 alot better!

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