Here are some themes i found to costomize your windows(xp vista 7+) experence (i did not create these themes but i tested them and they work)Please download uxtheme patcher for your version of windows first

For windows XP,Vista,and Windows 7 

UniversalThemePatcher_20090409.rar UniversalThemePatcher_20090409.rar
Size : 74.874 Kb
Type : rar

For Windows 8 core,pro,and server 

Uxtheme Patcher For Windows 8.rar Uxtheme Patcher For Windows 8.rar
Size : 128.573 Kb
Type : rar

Windows xp 

Royale Theme for Windows Royale Theme for Windows
Size : 479.688 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 675.055 Kb
Type : zip
Royale_Remixed.rar Royale_Remixed.rar
Size : 2500.252 Kb
Type : rar
Size : 4581.933 Kb
Type : zip
ZuneDesktopTheme.rar ZuneDesktopTheme.rar
Size : 754.953 Kb
Type : rar
Windows Vista (all these themes work without aero:)
Size : 1914.62 Kb
Type : zip
Luna Blue.rar Luna Blue.rar
Size : 720.578 Kb
Type : rar

 Windows 7 Themes (non-aero themes) will try to get more :)

Windows basic blue+blue Windows basic blue+blue
Size : 786.875 Kb
Type : zip

 Extras! Aero for users that can't get aero

 I understand that some people cant experience aero theme on your computer, well here is something that should give you the aero experience in this download section (before using themes please download universal theme patcher  for windows xp,vista,and 7

 you can change the color of the windows boarders and make how transparent or blurry or both!!!! works for xp vista and 7(you could try on windows 8)  click here to download it

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