About The FoxSoft Team (well Used to be team)

Stormshark.yolasite.com was created in 2010 by stormdude124 a regular 15 year old teenager who enjoyed mario and electronics,on september 9,2010 stormdude124 (jarred123 from pouetpu-games.com actual name jared no last name provided) created a website called yoinfogames.yolasite.com for people from pouetu-games to enjoy super mario flash courses and more about mario games in general.On april 27,2011 stormdude124 changed the website domain to stormshark.yolasite.com because it now goes with his logo and name.Later on that year stormshark.yolasite.com went through some serious changes.They added recrutes to help people with their microsoft windows operating systems and more.They also added downloads for the latest and greatest software.In Late 2011 stormdude124 then added a page about windows 8 and news on upcoming nintendo gaming systems.On September 13th,2014 Stormdude124 Changed the site for the last and final time to FoxSoft Technlologies.It's partner site is stormsharksoftware.weebly.com Which is maintained by Software Man and stormdude124 please check it out when you have time :)                                 So technically the Stormshark Legacy continues with two Companys that strive to give the user what they have been looking for but could never find!

"Please enjoy the site as 600,000 other people have"

   About the site

We are dedicated to help you with your computer problems as well as you enjoying your self with some popular games and apps on the web.So tell your friends, tell your friends friends, get your friends to tell their friends,  tell your friends mothers

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